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Introducing Nola Divine


Pardon this interruption-
Of the standard introduction:
Like, Hello-My-Name-Is…
Or, To-Whom-It-May-Concern…
But my fingers won’t let me type
what others would usually write.
Maybe it’s because I was born an artist, a writer.
Even as my mother carried me, I wrote stories inside her.
I tend to leave my mark wherever I go.
Now excuse me as I let these words flow…

I’m a Florida born, Alabama raised, Southern girl.
Educated in Louisiana, with a desire to storm the world.
Life’s many experiences made me who I am today.
I couldn’t be happier that I turned out this way…

As a toddler, the sandbox I played in was a beach.
The Sunshine State warmed me until the age of three.
Alabama was my next home,
Where as a child, green pastures and watermelon patches I roamed.

My summers consisted of waking up to roosters and chasing chickens,
Choosing fresh eggs from the coop before breakfast in grandma’s kitchen.
Always interested in a little of everything…
Could cook, sew, climb a tree and clean.
Being labeled a nerd never bothered me,
I enjoyed reading and watching educational TV.
My best friends? Words, Verbs and Nouns that made sentences...

At 23, I can now make sense of this –

I am today what I was back then:
An outgoing, news gathering, adventure-seeking,
multi-tasking, well-rounded, educated Queen.

But for short,
Just call me:



Copyright © 2006 Nola Divine. All rights reserved

1 comment:

butter said...

WOW. I need your talent. Brought back fond memories of our childhood. Love it NOLA!