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Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Yes I wanna!

I love me some Little Brother, I've seen them twice in concert. The first time was in Chicago, and then when I heard they would be in New Orleans a few weeks later, it was the perfect excuse to call off work, buy a flight, and hit the Crescent City.

I'll never forget that concert because my sister nearly did flips and handstands when Darren Brockington reached down from the stage and grabbed her hand! Even though he touched a million other hands that night, she was SO in love! And totally convinced that he was digging her too. Haha! Yeah sis, I put you out there ;)

Anyhow, here's an old Little Brother tune that's stuck in my head:

So gutta...Little Brother...And all across the world, the fly ladies and girls, Tell me they lovin' it!


Aramide said...

Alriiiiight! You KNOW I love me some LB too!

LM said...

That's what I'm talking about! What y'all know about LB and the Justus League?!