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I'm alive and kickin!

Whenever a significant amount of time would pass between visits to my grandmother's (whether it was being away for college, or just too "busy" to stop by), the next time I'd see or talk to Grandma, she would always say:

Hey black girl! Are you livin' or dead?!

Lol. Oh Grandma....(I miss her so much). She had the best phrases.

Readers, I know you are probably thinking What's up with Nola? One week she's posting every day, and then 2, 3-weeks go by - Nothing! Well please know that despite my "brief "absences, I am very much alive and kicking!!

Sometimes I get consumed by life. Work, school, relationships, work, school, responsibilities, work, school, bills, and I try to fit eating and sleeping somewhere in there too; i KNOW you can relate! So forgive me if I drift for a moment. As I've said before (man, do I sound like a broken record?) THIS is where I'd rather be. And I hope to one day, have the time to post just as frequently as I really want to. Heck - I actually write about ten posts in my head in one day!! The trouble is just finding the time to sit down and post them. So I hope you all still love me. I still love you for visiting.

In fact every time that you type into your internet address bar, you are entering my world....and I welcome you to this space....a space that tries to give you some Feel Good....but most of all, a space that depicts my journey. Please walk with me as I share with you through song and poetry, my life and growth as a woman, a friend, a lover, a sister, a daughter, a child of God....because believe me - I'm learning new stuff every day...class is always in session.


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