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“Know this America….”

My President is BLACK.

This morning has been incredible. I am fortunate that my employer provided Live CNN coverage on a projector for everyone to watch the Inauguration Ceremony.

I took notes as Barack delivered his first speech as President of the United States, and I want to share a few of his words that stood out to me:

"Know this America…."

We remain a young nation, but the time has come to set aside childish things….to choose our better history….

All are equal. All are free; and all deserve a
chance to pursue their full measure of happiness…

Greatness is never a gift, it must be earned…

The risk takers, the doers, ….[it is them]who have
carried us…

Starting today we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin the work of remaking America…

At this moment, a moment that will define a generation… is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people…it’s when the levees break….[ it is how people act in those moments] that
decide our fate…

A new era of responsibility and recognition,….duties that we do not grudgingly accept, but cease gladly….this is the source of our confidence…the meaning of our liberty and creed….and why a man whose father just 60 years ago could not have been served at a restaurant, can stand before you today and take oath…

America…in this winter of our hardship…let us endure
what storms might come… [And let us say to our children and grandchildren] that we did not turn back nor did we falter….

Thank you
God bless you
And God bless the United States of America

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