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They say you are a product of your environment – and in most cases that holds true. Every now and then a break in the monotony happens; you break the mold of your upbringing and become something different. In a house full of athletes you become a doctor, or surrounded by engineers, you become a writer, and so on… But in the case of this talented young man, he really had no choice... Read his self-written bio below and you'll understand what I mean.

::: The first 2009 SPOTLIGHT shines on Q7 :::

I am Q.U.E.Z.T.I.O.N. 7, “Q7” for short, It does have a meaning to it but I'll reveal that upon my second release, Lol. Ever since I can remember, music has always been present in my life. My grandfather, the late Margie D. Ramsey, was a member of the gospel group, The Zion Harmonizers, for over 50 years in New Orleans. My mother, Sharon Ramsey, sang with the likes of Raymond A. Miles and Dwight Franklin. She was and still is an ill soprano...And my Uncle D (Donald Ramsey) one of the most prolific bass players in Louisiana, is also a singer, and has traveled the world as well. So I'm guilty of being an instrumentalist, a songwriter/poet, and a vocalist. The craft of music runs rapidly through my veins and to the chambers of my heart. Without it, I'd perish.

As almost every singer has done, typically, I started in the church. Any kind of program that involved Sunday school, my aunt would volunteer me for it. Now, yall can sit there and act like somebody in yall family didn’t just volunteer your services in Sunday school. ( I know I'm not the only one that went through that as a child. ) Those years were very humbling and every time I think about them, I remember my home, my roots, and the value of my gift. I sang whenever I could and by 16 I’d written my first song. I even performed my first poem at Tru Brew Cafe for Pozazz Productions in New Orleans at 17; And that’s when it all started for me……Click to READ MORE >>

What’s in the pipeline for Q7?

Currently, I'm in Baton Rouge, LA working on my second album "Whutz Ar'n Bee?" (Pronounced "What's R&B") Basically, I feel that R&B is being destroyed. No one is talking about love or making love anymore. A lot of the music, to me, is pretty perverted and disrespectful to both sexes. I feel that some of the artists are talking about "Paying for it" and "Wanting to get paid for it" and THAT is sad – Lol - But to each his own! My goal in this album is to bring back ballads…REAL BALLADS, and soulful sounds with harmony arrangements, emotional content, and real concepts. So stay tuned for that.

I have to explain to everyone that as soon as I heard Q7’s song “Sunshine”, I fell in love with it! I downloaded it to my work laptop and had it on repeat for two-weeks! Q7, please tell us what’s in the ink for this song that I love SO much!

The song "Sunshine" was inspired by "someone's" smile. I thought that it would be a cool concept to base the song around that and to personify it and the relationship that we had, with the sun. It was a lot of fun. I recorded it to Ne-Yo's "When You're Mad" instrumental and put it on the mixtape. What you’re about to listen to is the a capella version.


Ohh! I’m lovin’ it!

I think that's it yall. I can go all day with what I want to say but I'll stop right here. I want to thank you Ms. Divine for granting me this opportunity...and I want to thank you all again for reading about me and taking the time to partake in my Quezt…I’m ever grateful.

I just have one request…Please add me on your Myspace, your YouTube...all that! I need your support; Your constructive criticism; Your encouragement and Your love. Most of all…I need you to trust me with your ears and your heart. I promise to take good care of them. Hit me up...

Wait – Before you go. I always have to ask….Pen or Pencil?
My writing utensil is a Foray 0.7 mm..the best pen in the world!

I'm out like Toilet Water....FLUSH!!!!

Official Myspace page:

YouTube Channel:

Want more? Keeping reading about Q7 by clicking HERE >>

Click the pic for more tracks from Q7



ash said...

CG you have come across a Diamond in the Rough, the kid is talented!!!! Reading his story and interview there's a passion there that's only seen in the artist you and i have both grown to love.....dude is going to blow up, message to all other readers ...Tell a Friend to Tell a Friend, so they can tell another get the idea...

Dreamy said...

Since the first day I've heard Queztion 7's music, I knew for a fact that God would grant him a spotlight of notification. His music has soul, uniqueness, and power. Just like his personality. God did a wonderful job making this one. Q7 will change the lyrics that we are currently hearing on the radio. He is the key to open up the door of real R&B; basically the R&B that we have been missing lately. His music has so much depth because his lyrics come from his heart not just his mind. It takes more than a brain to issue out a song. I have grown to adore this upcoming artist/writer and I am pretty sure the world will do the same. May God Continue to use you.

Suave da UPTown Songwrita said...

Yo, brother you know I had to come and support.....Keep pushing upward Q7....We've come this far by faith, now the rest is up to us....peace and blessings brotha

Vsmooth said...

Like Chris Tucker said on Friday. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, let no one tell you that it's impossible for you to make it. You got your head on straight dog, just stay on your course. Your big bro "Vsmooth"

sammi said...

Q7 is no doubt a blessing to the industry! Soon the world will know that shortly! Keep your passion and soul in your music and let God continue to led you! Your going the right way! Like we say in the STL "thats it right der"!

Anonymous said...

He's definitely what the game's been missin and the epitome of talent.

lucifer said...

It wouldn't surpise me at all to turn on my TV a see this talented and soulful individual doin his thing in the next few years. spread da word. this shits gunna be BIG!

E.D.Free said...

I've known you for such a long time and you never cease to amaze me with all of you God giving talents....You are the missing piece and thank God you've been found. Wise beyond your years. I loves you, but tha you already know!

Q7 said...

I dont know if this is Spotlight etiquette for the artist to leave a komment on the spotlight..but..I just wanna THANK EVERYBODY who kame to show me love!!! You havent the slightest clue on how blessed I am to be rekognized like this..In my eyes..this is BIGGER than TRL, 106..And I mean that from my Heart!! DIVA (NOLADIVINE) THANK YOU sweetie..You've blessed me..To my fans, (I have fans..kool stuff. lol) I love you..thank you!! I'm here...Finally!