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Premiere of The Urban Griot Trailer Video!!!

It was such a pleasure being a part of Urban Griot! I was honored to share the stage with poetry greats like J. Ivy, Redstorm and Marco the Poet...artists that have truly set the bar! Watch the show's trailer video and let me know what you think: :)


Aramide said...

Nola, KeFarin & I watched the vid & loved it! I was grinning from ear to ear with pride, you looked fantastic on camera & I'm sooooo proud of you. Glad I could be part of your fantastic journey!

ash said...

guuuurrl look at u!!!!! on your way CG on your way, i know u smashed the second feature too!!!!!!!!! did i say second feature ?

darryl rouosn said...

you go girl. you are daddy's baby and got all his talent and drama. i love that about you sweetie girl. be yourself. be bold. life too short to do it square. make life full and exciting with everything that you do. give it all and live it out loud, damn it.

Nola.Divine said...

@DeeDee Awww thank you girl for watching!! and for the kind words :)

@Ash Haha! Numero DOS!

@Daddy I am totally Living Out Loud!! Thanks for sharing your DNA, Lol! I totally get it from you.