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NEW POEM :: Untitled

From the seat cushions of a couch that has long lost it’s spring
I gaze hopelessly out of floor 13
waiting for something God-sized to happen.


street lights twinkle like stars in nursery rhymes
and snow covered lamps flicker through the night

no one is strolling the streets
my walls thump with madlib beats
and I don’t even have my stereo on…

No food in the fridge to eat
just allowing myself to think
and wait some more

My heart somersaults at every knock on a door
that echoes through the hallway

There will be no visitors for me tonight.

Though if his first name is Mister and last name Right,
I’d like to meet him

But I’d have nothing to feed him -
never even got dressed for the day
wouldn’t want to meet him looking this way
so I guess it’s like they say...

This isn’t the right time
and that’s exactly why

I continue to sit inside
searching for peace of mind
through the rosary
confident in knowing
that being alone
won’t always feel lonely.

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