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On The Scene :: SOULciology of PJ

Last night's mixtape release party for PJ Morton was a success! Kudos to organizers Concitta and Shari for putting together such a great night for PJ's fans.

The venue: My Soul Cafe on 72nd and S. Exchange is a place that you must visit! First of all because it's black-owned and we must support our own (I should do a spotlight on this place...), but it's super cute, the service is excellent and the vibe is relaxing.

The music: masterfully done by DJ JOE KOLLEGE....need I say more? We grooved from the moment we walked in until he unplugged his turntables.  And of course, the highlight of the night: he let us rock to the principles of PJ : the official pj morton mixtape! Ah...good times *smile* I can't wait for the album to drop next month.

The crowd and atmosphere: I love how music brings people together. Mingling was easy...everyone was laidback and a treat to talk to. I walked in knowing only person but left with connections that I look forward to networking with.

So what's that you say? You'll be at the next PJ event? Thought so. '-)

SOULciology @ My Soul Cafe

Concitta the Creative Consultant, DJ Joe Kollege and guests
Chicago <3's PJ


Joe Kollege said...

It was a joy meeting you last night, Nola! Thanks for supporting...I look forward to seeing you out at other events. BTW, thanks for the kind words and for sharing the mix!


Nola.Divine said...

@Joe Kollege - Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) We'll have to talk soon because I need your skills to get everybody dancing for my upcoming birthday!


Kita Boo said...

Just wanted you to know, I had a blast hanging out at the PJ mix jam. Looking forward to his upcoming events.

Nola.Divine said...

@KitaBoo, thank you for attending with me! I always have a blast with you!