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In The Ink ~ Tale of a Red Dress

In The Ink:
One word to describe Nola Divine is loyal. If you are one of the privileged ones to receive the title of my friend, then you already know. There's nothing I won't do for you. Hungry? Let's grab a bite - my treat! Broke? Just tell me how much you need. The shirt on my back? It's yours! Need me to meet you out of town so you don't have to drive all the way home on the highway by yourself? I'll hit the road with you! Lol.

The latter situation is how I ended up writing the poem, Tale of a Red Dress. It was the first time I ever rode a Greyhound bus! My childhood best friend had a long road trip ahead of her and didn't want to ride alone; So she asked if I would meet her and keep her company during the drive. At the time, I didn't have my own wheels, nor did I have enough money for a plane ticket, so I called Greyhound and made a reservation.

I departed from St. Petersburg, FL and
nine hours later, I arrived in Jacksonville. The road trip was quite um, interesting...

The seats felt like they were filthy...I didn't want to touch anything! The floors were grimy, windows dirty, and there was this lingering odor in the air similar to a stale lunchbox. The driver wasn't friendly in the least for a first-timer like myself, I was hesitant to ask any questions about the ride. And the! I thought I saw some unusual characters in New York City, but if you really want to bump into somebody crazy just hope on a Greyhound!

But among all the weirdos, there was this one lady who caught my attention in a not so negative fashion...this elderly black lady actually intrigued me. As she sat in the row ahead of but diagonal to me, I studied her. I wondered what her story was...the following poem is my imagination at work.

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