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First up, is a fellow Xavierite, Mass Comm grad and very good friend...

JAMIRA Experiences
Raphael Saadiq and Janelle Monae

Sunday night was a beautiful date night with my ears! If you can truly appreciate the sounds of a voice so divine, you too might be inclined to tilt your ear towards Janelle Monae and Raphael Saadiq. I had a great time in Los Angeles at the Roxy where these two artists belted out true sounds with ease...I’m already stuck on the “Gospeldelic” sounds of Ray Ray (R. Saadiq for those who don’t know), and I wouldn’t mind going out again if you know what I mean!

You might have heard Ms. Janelle alongside Outkast on their Idlewild soundtrack. Not only was her voice so intoxicating because of its beauty, but she gets you hype and nodding and grooving to her beats. Her energy…contagious! Outkast themselves are quintessential guys. So she fits in well with them with her animation and sound. Her voice is beyond beauty. It would be in your best interest to check her out.

If I could have one wish, I would want Raphael Saadiq to bless me with his voice before I went to sleep every night. But I’ll just have to settle for an hour of his time whenever he’s booked at a venue near me. If you appreciate a true love song and a voice to match it, as well as playing a guitar simultaneously, you're bound to get addicted like me and become a fan of Raphael Saadiq. I can only wonder what goes through his mind as he manifests these themes that are so fascinating. I felt like I was in 1963 with my man hugged up at a music joint falling in love!! My reality though, was that I was just out with a few of my girls...single and free, falling in love with the lead singer. Of course he threw a few throwbacks our way that we love to hear: "Just Me and You," "Ask of You", "If I had No Loot", just naming a few…

Is it his lyrics or the beat? Both. I never stopped grooving…maybe just between sets!! That's all! Til next time when I can share with you the way I heard it…shared by JAMIRA

Thanks JAMIRA for sharing! I love the pictures you took :) Great action shots! And with the way you described the concert, it's a must that I check out the latest from both of these artists! I'll be sure to let you know what I think!

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Rickblaze1 said...

You might have put me on to another jewel, I gotta check her catalog.