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Yolanda "DELU" Harrison

Yolanda, tell me about yourself. Who is Yolanda Harrison?
Well, I'm the baby and the only girl of my family. I'm a first generation college graduate an din less than two years, I will have MD behind my name. I'm athletic, out going, and pretty much a clown. I'm there for my friends and I am a very strong person.
Now tell me about Yolanda the poet.
Yolanda the Poet = "Delu"
"Delu" is Swahili for the only girl. She's very in your face and blunt. She writes to reliever her emotional pressure. She writes for peace, not to make you happy...but it usually works that way.
What mostly inspires your poetry?
Emotion. It's one of the truest things that can inspire a poet. To write and not care what others think what you write, that's freedom!
Do you think it is easier to write out of pain and unhappiness rather than happiness and satisfaction with life?
I believe pain and unhappiness is more difficult to get started, but easier to write about. In order to write about it, you have to first allow yourself to feel those things. Afterwards, it just flows.
Are there meanings in the sound of poetry that are lost when poetry is read silently? What kind of poems do you write?
Oh heck yeah! At times I sing in my poetrty, someimtes I'll throw a Creole, Irish, African accent on some words, but if you just read it, you lose it.
Pen or pencil? (or keyboard)
I use any medium, but I like pencil the most. Looking at a person's letters as they write can tell you what mood they're in.
Do you remember the first time you wrote a poem? Tell me about that.
I thought I was in LUUUUUUUUUUUUV with this guy. I wrote a poem and used a lot of titles from popular songs. I still have really really sucks. LOL!
Random question...If your phone rings at 4am, Who it would be?
The hospital, one of my family members, or a wrong number more than likely.
I asked you to select a poem to feature on my blog. Why did you select this particular poem?
It's the balance of when Yolanda meets "Delu."

Readers, it is my pleasure to introduce you to DELU....she is truly talented and one of my favorite poets!! Here is her featured work:

Why I Write

I dunno how long this is gonna be...
It might leave you limp at the length
Or confused at the depth but then again, that's not my problem.
I don't write to make you happy
I don't write to get attention
I write because if I didn't, the word would make my fucking head throb
And I can't live like that

I suppress and smother my art with medicine
Learning fact after's a fact for that ass
I miss my art! I miss being able to look at a baby
And think only about the beauty and the love this child
Will both receive and give.
Instead...I'm thinking of the risk of diseases
With letter combinations that almost don't make any sense in English.

I strangle and beat my artistic side
In the name of science so when I get a time to write
I mean really write, I could really give a fuck who nods their head
Shouts out, "Yeah girl!" or how many dicks get erect from my exotica
I'm tellin ya...I don't write for praise, I write for peace
I write for strength, I write to remind myself that somewhere
Under the tall, Creole, glasses wearing, fact spittin, blood drawin,
Test takin, note writin female in the white coat
Is a soulful sister who just wants to go to the park
Watch the wind blow in the trees
And just.....write.

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ash said...

What up Yo.....i love the poem! favorite part..."it might leave u limp at the length or counfused at the depth but then again, that's not my problem"

raw like it

Delu said...

Thank you so babe! Hit me up anytime

Rhomone said...

I've liked this one since I've first read it.