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Monday Blues? Well, the new color is GREEN!

Got the Monday blues?
Didn't feel like waking up this morning?
Didn't want to go to work today?
Kids working your nerves?
Boyfriend didn't call last night?
Whatever it is that's giving you the blues, bring it here. Yeah that's right, give it all right here to Nola, and I'll take care of that for ya...
DELETE! Okay that's gone. Deleted. Erased. Just like an old number in your cell phone. Today is a new day, and the start of a new week. You've got goals to accomplish, people to impact, and new places to explore. There's no time to be sulking and sad. Especially when there are so many exciting things happening! Like - John Legend and Andre 3000 teaming up for possibly the hottest song I've heard all summer!!!

Today I DELETE your Monday blues. The color I want you to rock today is Green! So go!

*Brand New* - Here's "Green Light" by John Legend, featuring Andre 3000

Watch the Official Green Light VIDEO!

Do something Fantastic today!

Also, leave a comment and let me know....What are your Monday blues like? And what always makes you feel better?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love Mondays. I love laughter

Never believed it never did ev’n when I was a kid
That Mondays bear begret and fear
Mondays are just fine with me
I think expecting joy is key to another
Treasure -- health-wealth wisdom sister-brother
But laughter, yes I believe with all my soul,
Caresses, strengthens, heals and make us whole.