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I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I’ve missed my blogspot SO much. If this were a movie scene, I’d be running off the plane, falling on my knees and kissing the ground, (but in this case, it’s my computer screen) MMUAH!

I can sum up my absence for you in one word: SCHOOL. But it’s not like me to spare you the details, so let me share with you that after church yesterday, I went home and cooked my Sunday dinner, then headed over to Yuca’s with my laptop and textbooks in tow to get started on the 10-page paper I have to write for my Executive Leadership class. (yep, grad school keeps me busy) Didn’t get in the bed until 1am, which is hella late for a girl whose bedtime is 10pm on a “school night.” Side note :: Even though I don’t have class tomorrow, I still have to use that term because I do have to get up for work at 6am. Growing up, I remember my mother would snap at us if we were up too late on a “school night”….

Get off that telephone! Don’t you know it’s a school night....!

Turn that TV off and go to bed - Don’t you know it’s a school night...!

Iron your uniform and then get in the tub – Don’t you know it’s a school night…!

Hahaha!!! The good ol days. I know my sister feels me.

Anyway, it’s good to be back. Writing to you all is such an outlet for me. Soon, I’ll put up a post on just how much this means to me and what this blog is all about. But for now I want you to understand that Nola is truly grinding. I work full time as a Training Specialist for one of the largest school districts in this country, and on given day I’m called away from my building to go support any one or 2, or 3 of the city’s 900-something public schools. Then after a very active day at work, I head to school, where I’m in class sometimes til 9:30pm. So you can understand that by the time I get home, if I don’t have any pressing homework or studying to do, I totally crash. But don’t let it be a night where I’ve been up into the wee hours studying flash cards or reviewing notes….because a sistah is out for the count! You might as well fade to black and roll the credits – because it’s over.

So I may not get to post every day, but I’m hanging in there friends; I’m working very hard to get it all done. And you are ALL invited to my graduation – this May 16th, 2009. Start saving your money for a weekend in Chicago today! Lol. But for real, details on the big celebration for that weekend are forthcoming. So save the date.

Props to everybody else who is out there working multiple jobs, taking care of families, going to school, looking for that new job, busting ass for a promotion, living frugally to save for your first house….whatever is that you’re doing, keep up the hard work! You get the fist bump! Nola Divine is pulling for you!

I’m back to delivering your Feel Good- Thanks for staying tuned :)

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