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At the end of every post that I ink, you'll find a space for you to click and leave a comment. I want to thank everyone who takes the time to drop me a line or two. I read every single comment that is left on my blog, and I love knowing what your thoughts are! Every week, I will try to give you the COMMENT OF THE WEEK - a respsone that struck me for some reason or another!

Ma'am's and Sir's, here is the COMMENT OF THE WEEK:

K.Ellis said...

I must disagree my dear friend... RAIN embodies the beauty of God's creations, Summer Rain, refreshes the soul. Water is the essence of our very being... And rainy nights with the ones you love... mmmmmmIt's all in how you hold the picture my dear friend ;) xo

So very true K.Ellis! You have reminded me of the beauty that can be found in rain. Maybe the next time it starts to drizzle, I won't be as depressed. Lol.

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