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NEW RELEASES - 10.28.08

John Legend - Evolver

YAY!!!! It's finally here!! I am such a HUGE fan of John Legend.

Oh be still my beating heart...Lol!

What's the fuss about?
click the pic

I have been waiting for this since I picked up "Once Again" from Best Buy on S. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota, FL two years ago. As soon as "Heaven" began to play through the busted speakers of my 2001 black-but-slightly-green Toyota Corolla, my heart melted and I knew this man would forever get my $9.99 the day of his album release if he continued to make music that good. Due to a hectic work day and the fact that I had class tonight, I haven't made it to Best Buy...yet. But I will be making my way in that direction on my lunch break tomorrow; and i DARE them to be sold out. (yes, i still buy CD's)

Okay so for 1-week only, listen to his full album free here at the AOL CD Listening Party.
OR create an account on his Official Website and listen to it there, for free :)

"Take Me Away" and "Good Morning" give me goosebumps!
Yuca, I think I just found your new ring tone ;)

Kurt Carr & the Kurt Carr Singers
- Just The Begi

You can't listen to Gospel music without knowing about Kurt Carr - A true gospel veteran, this is Kurt's 7th CD and he's reunited with the Kurt Carr Singers for the special occasion. I didn't listen to his last album, One Church, but I was a fan of the hit "In The Sanctuary". I found it interesting that in an article on, Kurt was quoted saying that he went way too far on his last album..."We had bagpipes, accordion --sounds that have never been associated with Gospel music...The songs on [this new album] are very singer-friendly, very congregational. This time, I'm going back to my roots." Sounds like a good move Kurt. I look forward to playing this on Sunday mornings.

Kurt's Official MySpace page.

Kierra "KiKi" Sheard - Bold Right Life

KiKi gets the MO Bump from me! This young sistah is truly doing her thing - Taking after her mother's great vocal talent, KiKi brings something so totally refreshing and rejuvenating to this new generation of gospel music. Her last album was four years ago...and she has not been slumbering in the meantime. Check out her Official MySpace page to hear snippets of the new album, Bold Right Life. My favs are the upbeat "If It Had Not Been", and the cute tune "Boyfriend", in which she sings to her BFF who is having boy problems and she asks her, "Have you ever gave God a chance to be your man?" It's too cute! Go listen.

Visit her Official Website for more info and to listen to her first 4 (yes, FOUR) albums.
Get 'em KiKi!

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