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Trick or Treat


One of my earliest childhood memories of Halloween is dressing up as a "tennis player".....Digging in my mother's closet, putting on her tennis skirt, t-shirt, sweatband, and toting her adult-sized tennis racket door-to-door all night. I remember always being disappointed in the candy I'd accumulated when I got home; it was never anything that I was truly interested in eating. But I always enjoyed getting dressed up for the occasion.

I'm not sure what grade I stopped having an interest in Trick or Treating, but I was a Senior at Xavier before I dressed up again for a night of rounding up candy with a few of my closest friends. We walked from our dorm all through the streets of New Orleans that night - like we really had any business begging for candy. Lol! But it was fun.

This year, I was invited for the first time, to a Halloween costume party, and I was thrilled to accept the invitation because I'd never been to one before. Unfortunately, the party turned out to be a bust - but my costume was cute!! In honor of The Secret Life of Bees, I thought I'd dress up like one! Ha!

Watch out for my stinger!


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This is too cute!