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Today is actually one of the happy Friday's around the office!

You know how some weeks you feel like you just barely made to Friday? The week was extra draaaaaag by.....

Good Morning Sharon.
Good Morning.
Any coffee?
Haven't made it yet.
Any meetings?
Haven't checked yet.

Good Morning Pete.
[dry delivery]
Good Morning.
[even dryer response]

Plop at the desk,
open laptop for that morning email check
and get started with the day's tasks.

4 returned calls, 2 copy machine runs, and 1 meeting later,
you check the time
and it's only 11am.
Not even lunch time yet.

You still have the rest of the day to go....

You all know exactly what I'm talking about! And when every day is like that: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday....when Friday finally comes you just feel drained. You're just happy that you made it to the weekend without handing your boss a 2-weeks notice with a smiley face on it :)

isn't there just something just so saracastic about a smiley face sometimes?

But THEN there are the happy Fridays. The Feel Good Fridays. The pay day Fridays....

Hey Sharon! Good Morning! You like nice this morning, you must have some plans tonight.
Nah girl, I just felt like putting on a lil sumthin sumthin!!
[mutual laughter]
Girl you've got a meeting this morning, and I think Pete made coffee.
Ohhh, great! Thanks!

Pete! What's going on? Good Morning!
Same to you!

These days just begin totally different! And then when lunch time rolls around, everyone wants to go out for lunch. Some people even sneak in a little martini with their lunch special (oohhhhh*...i'm telllllin', Lol)

Today is definitely one of those happier Fridays.

Now I'm ready for the glory of the weekend.......

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