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NEW VIDEO - Solange, "T.O.N.Y"

I learned from Renaissance Black Woman that Solange has a new video for my favorite song off her new album, Sol-Angel & the Hadley St. Dreams. There were only a handful of her songs that I could actually listen to over and over, and this was one of them! If you don't have the album, go give it a try. It's not bad. Here's the video for her 3rd single,
just wanted to break that down for ya...

And since this has now put me in the Solange are the videos for her first two singles:



once again I'm mad because i see that ms. beyonce must have taught her sister how to do my hip gyration dance....because she is certainly doing it. ugh! when will people stop biting? i'm gonna have to come up with something new. LOL.

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