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You Share It :: JAMIRA is back!

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Guess who's back? JAMIRA - She last told us all about her night out to see Raphael Saadiq and Janelle Monae, and now she's back at the blogspot to share what Inauguration Day meant to her...

Although I wasn't in Washington the afternoon Barack Obama was inaugurated, watching on television was the next best thing. I couldn't help but to think how massive this moment was. The fact that it is a real dream come true is hard for me to fathom even at this point. I stood there holding my sticker that read, "I Voted", which reminded me that I was part of that moment. I felt that it was okay to cry because whenever your happiness consumes you, you can show that joy with tears. I was proud to share such a moment with the cast and crew of the show I work on called "Heroes." We all felt the same way, proud that we all made a difference. Albeit we weren't there in person, we were all able to stop work and join together and watch a beautiful part of history take place. I'm blessed to be able to one day show my children what I was doing and how I felt the moment the first African-American President, Barack Obama, was inaugurated January 20, 2009.

Check out Jamira (top right) in this video, which captures her watching the Inauguration ceremony....

~click the pic to watch~

Thanks JAMIRA for sharing!

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