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Myths, Rumors and flat out Lies

I didn't really know how I would promote HIV/AIDS awareness today...would I list a bunch of facts and statistics? Tell a story about someone living with it? Create a quiz and drill you on your knowledge of the disease? That last question kinda stuck with me - caused me to ask myself how much did *I* really know about the epidemic....especially when it comes to the truth vs. the rumors.

Today I want to heighten your awareness of HIV and AIDS in women and girls by debunking a few myths, rumors and flat out lies that you may have heard....

A woman infected with HIV can't have children without infecting them...
- MYTH -
Back in the day there was a 25% chance that HIV-infected mothers would pass HIV to their newborns - BUT nowadays with modern treatment the likelihood of a baby getting infected by their mommy is only 2%!

It's no big deal if you get infected because current medications are so good, they are practically a cure for AIDS...
While today's medications have decreased the AIDS death rate by 80% (that's HUGE), there is still no cure.

Women over 50-years old shouldn't really worry about getting HIV because it's the younger generation's disease...
HIV does not discriminate. Women of all ages should be cautious - Listen to this poem, Grandma Has AIDS.

Doctor's are required to test you for AIDS when you come in for a check up. So if you have it, you'd already know.
- MYTH -
It's up to you to get tested. But it's not as bad as you think! Check out these links:

Home Access :: Test for HIV in the privacy of your home.

OraQuick :: This test gives your results in just minutes! No fretting for weeks.

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