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MIA + Song of the moment

So clearly I've been Missing In Action....and I type this with sincere regrets that my blog has not been updated.

I am in the last 4-week stretch of my MBA program, and my workload is more than heavy...analyzing case studies, writing and rewriting business plans, group projects in strategic management, chapter after chapter to read....But just a few more weeks, and my family will be driving 12 hours from sweet home Alabama to Chicago for my grand walk across Roosevelt University's stage.....can't. wait.

Til then my dear friends, the song of the moment is India Arie's "Simple". Listen to these lyrics with an open heart....

I'll be back at it in a few weeks.

Love y'all to pieces!

Simple - India.Arie


Aramide said...

Heeeeey! Look who's back? Great to see a mini-update from you shawty! I've always loved that India.Arie song-great choice. Blessings on that MBA girlie! ;)

ash said...


DivineLove said...

Beautiful! I know the feeling...all the never ending busy work! G'luck! :)

Chakita said...

Hey Friend!
You know that you're in my prayers and thoughts. I'm cheering for you! Can't wait to celebrate with you your grand accomplishment.
Ms. "R"!

Chakita said...

Hey NoLa,
You are definetly in my prayers and thoughts. I'm cheering for you in your last stretch. Can't wait to celebrate your grand accomplishment.
Ms. "R"