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Whaaat! Is she back? Fo real???


Hey y'all! Long time no see, huh. Yeah well it's been a minute for a ton of reasons. To give you the short story...I moved into my first place in April, graduated from grad school in May, was "liberated" from my job in June, and July has been all about the hustle. I have been going non-stop...pursuing my entrepreneurial ventures, looking for work, traveling, doing some soul searching, and honing my creative craft...poetry. So! With that said - Do look forward to postings. Mmmmaybe not every day or weekly, but stick with me - and I'll get there. I'm happy to have a space in the blogosphere and would love to write more frequently, but just know that I'm grinding!

In the meantime and between times, keep up with me on Twitter (I know, I know...everybody is shouting "Follow Me!" these days):

Your Feel Good Inktress is out here trying make it! And I know you are too :) So that's whats up with me - let me know how you been doin'!

With all the Feel Good I can muster,


ash said...

Glad your back !!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!

L'Daialogue said...

Yayyyyyy....damnit. My chocolate is back! Lol.

LaBella G i s e l l e said...

Welcome back!!

Chakita said...

Glad to see you back on the blog block! Anticipating your upcoming postings.

Keep Grinding,