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Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

I don't know what God's plan is for my future - but I hope he has written New Orleans somewhere in the books....for he's already written N.O.L.A. in my heart....I miss you New Orleans!

Copyright © 2008 Nola Divine. All rights reserved

Swept in like the storm it was
nonchalantly ripping into homes
tearing apart families and friendships
It's fierce winds blew in crisp gusts

Screaming and howling like those who couldn't escape the floods.

Greenery shredded
earth's life uprooted
and relocated to foreign places like
living rooms,
bedrooms and kitchens.

A city once vibrant
bustling with an energy that words can't explain
Streets no longer lingering with the scent of fresh beignets.

Not a trumpet
nor sax to be heard on a French Quarter curb - famous for it's jazz and pizzaz.
Mardi Gras celebrations are mere memories,
for now the concern is not that of beads or Zulu conconuts, but
for the lives that were lost.
People caught
bodies tossed
by rising water and crashing waves

An unsolicited new beginning for survivors
due to losing everything they have ever known...

New Orleans...

no longer home-sweet-home
at the hand of hurricane Katrina,
as a work of God.


Anonymous said...

New Orleans was my very first taste of a Chocolate City. It was wonderful to be in a city full of black Catholics. Everywhere else I lived I felt like a strange character if I said I was Catholic. I miss New Orleans, too!

Auntie Liz

ash said...


Nola.Divine said...

Perhaps we should nickname New Orleans "the Catholate City"! For all of it's Catholic and Chocolate goodness :)