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NEW RELEASE - 3.30.10

*Y'all know how I get about music*
No more downloading leaks and playing her videos over and over again (okay you may still do that, because Window Seat is the BIZNESS) because the one, the only, Queen of Neo Soul, Erykah Badu has dropped the MUCH anticipated New Amerykah Part 2: Return Of the Ankh!!!!

Okay now that I'm done screaming at you, let me give you everything Badu for this new album:

1. Let's start by watching the commercial;
It's only a minute long:

2. Now that commercial opened with a clip from her Window Seat video that everybody is talking about...for allllll the right reasons! This creative soultress really exposes her soul with this one! Watch:

Erykah spoke to Dallas News about the video, saying:
I was petrified, period. The whole thing was frightening. The whole idea was frightening. Not being in love with my body, not being secure about being vulnerable, the police coming to take me to jail. I’m breastfeeding right now. Anything I could think of, I did. But those little things diminished as I thought about the big picture. And, as I started to walk, I confronted a lot of fears, and I hoped that it would encourage others to do the same thing in their own way...
*click HERE to read the entire interview*

3. And have you heard Jump Up In The Air w/Lil Wayne? The beat is crazy! I'm looovin it! LISTEN.

By now I knw you are good and ready to click the red X and jump in your car to go get this album! I personally, have cleared my morning schedule to go get it. So let me hold you no longer.... 

4. Click HERE to preview all tracks on the album and BUY!

With all the FeelGood I can muster,
 -Nola :)

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