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My Dear Readers,

I'm sorry that I haven't written in a while forever. Need I even explain that I've been in transition: changing, loving, growing, learning, traveling, kicking things to the next level with no shoes on? Lol

I've been working on my comeUP story. And I'm now sharing pieces of this journey at  It's nothing fancy. No frills. No cutesy logo or flickering widgets that play music and count your clicks. It's just me, Danielle. In the most pure I-can't-put-all-my-business-on-the-internet-but-here's-what-i'm-experiencing-as-a-twenty-something-in-transition-and-the-stuff-that-inspires-me-along-the-way kind of blog. (you follow?)

Nola Divine is (or as my friends say "Nola Nola D!") still very much a part of me. But fortunately, God has blessed me with a co-creative element...thus the birth of New Element, a jazz and poetry duo. So if you're still interested in following me creatively, link with Nola Divine or New Element on Facebook.

So the rebirth of this blog, Nola Divine Writes, is momentarily on pause...when I'll pick it back up is TBD. But my dear friends, it's been quite a pleasure! I have appreciated your comments and loyalty to this blog spot. All archives, photos and videos will remain; and who knows, I may still post things periodically. But Click the link below to skip on over to or you are invited to search for my personal page on Facebook. Whichever you decide, let's do stay connected.

With all the love, peace and FeelGood I can muster,

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