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Jazmine Sullivan - L.O.V.E.
Slim said she could appreciate my passion/ I told her I'd give her everything she was askin'/ Always being sure not to move too fast and/ makin sure this is gonna last and/ learning from experiences past and/ Basking in our sunshine/ Two people moving together with one mind/ Opportunities only gonna be here one time/ Got all the stars in line/ You look oh so fine and it's L.O.V.E/

Hey Y'all!!

I'm working on something special for you - *smile* - But until I get that together, I couldn't just leave you I've got a song to share! Yay! Clap it up for Music! Lol!

For the past week, I have played this song every morning to get my day started. It's soooo Feel Good. And I especially need it to get me going today because last night was a little rough for me...(sigh)

But anyway, I love how this song opens which is why I gave you the lyrics above. I hope you experience the same good vibes that I do, when you play this song by "Jazzie" (Jazmine Sullivan).

L.O.V.E + Smile

Can't You Tube at work? I understand. I can't either. So listen the 30 sec clip here instead...

(download the song to hear the whole thing from imeem)

Take Notes on Jazzie:

Watch this *Exclusive Interview with Jazmine:

Official Myspace page:

Be on the lookout for her album!

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