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Ashton S.Dot Harper


::: Poet :::

Ashton Harper

Today I turn the spotlight on New Orleans native, Ashton Harper. A while ago I managed to catch up with the busy Engineer and Community Activist, to chat about poetry, his thoughts on the art, and what it means to him...

Nola Divine :: Earlier I was looking at some poetry online, and I stumbled across this one interview where the poet was quoted as saying "Poetry saved my life." How would you say poetry has affected you?

Ashton :: Poetry has opened up a new avenue of release; it allows me to add form to some of my emotions and be somewhat creative at times. It has helped me get through somethings in my life that I probably otherwise would still be whining about to my friends; But once I get my thoughts on paper, I feel a whole lot better!

Ah! You just said "on paper"! One of my favorite questions to ask is... Pen or Pencil? Or maybe it's keyboard! Lol!
I never physically write. My hand writing is awful, so its always the keyboard for me.

So with said you don't have to whine to your friends as much. But do you share your poems with them?

Some of them...With those who write and some people who don't. I only get real comments from those who actually write...most other people are just like.."Oh that's nice."

I actually understand - that happens to me too! Lol.

Would you say that everything you write is drawn from a personal experience?

Most of it is. Bud I do have this piece called "Comedy", which never really happened - it's purely fictional. It was my first attempt at doing something funny and it is funny as hell to me....! But for the most part its all personal; And if you read them all you'll find references to other pieces I've done.

Really?! I love that you've connected your work that way! It reminds me of how all of Dwele's albums and songs are connected...and if you've followed his work, then you'll catch on to the different references he makes.

Yeah the beginning line of the "Comedy" piece is: "One day i was sipping on some Coltrane while listening to wine...", which is actually another piece entirely.

But you've selected another poem for me to feature on my blog... Tell me why you've selected this particular piece.

It's just my favorite....It has helped me and continues to help me through this dating thing. I love how it flows, I love what it portrays...It's my vulnerability with a twist. It show a little of me and my way of thinking when it comes to women.

In word, describe it's flow:


In this featured piece, Ashton Harper keeps it original and unique, but never fails to deliver in his usual raw and uncut style:


I’m alone, but at least it’s quiet,
My soul is in tack,
I did the right thing, so...... no looking back
I’m alone, but my world hasn’t stop turning,
New friends and destinations
But of course there’s a yearning, but I’m learning,
I’m learning
I’m alone, and I’ve been here before, but never this intoxicating
I can’t hold this one down like I used to
Because of maturity I’m scratching the useless fornicating
Its just fabricating
A lie
Cause even when you’re here I’m still alone..
DAMN!!!, that’s enough to make you cry
I understand if at this point, you want to say your goodbyes
I’m alone, but tis nothing new
I’ve been here before and right now my Color is red, not blue
Red cause its bold
If I were blue I’d still be cold
Or cool, whatever the hue representation
Without hesitation I lean on my patience and in that
I find time for a celebration
Yea I’m alone, but at least there’s no frustration
No senseless confrontation
Just confirmation,
That this is were I need to be
Just GOD and me
Harmony, sweet harmony
So I’m alone, still with a small quaint inch
To fish,
For something new
Slow down baby, I’m alone but not stupid, I didn’t mean you
And I didn’t mean mislead you
And I know when I leave you’ll be lonely too
And I really do empathize with you baby, but sometimes
You gotta do, what cha gotta do
And I gotta do me
On some DMX prayer skit like: “there was something that, I just had to see, that you wanted me to see, so I could be want you wanted me to be….”
Be unlike X, I haven’t seen yet
I’m alone, trying not to let this dig in my chest
All while I’m trying not to pay attention to her breast
And I’m gonna try not to suggest
That we lay down
That she come hang out in my town
Cause it would be a waste
Waste of time, waste of energy, and a disgrace
Cause you’ll have a good time, I’m sure
In the bed, on the floor, holding on to the door
Etc, etc….yeah that’s my name
And now I’m up on your sexual wall of fame
You're hooked, I’m not
Just an itch I needed to scratch, in fact
Not even a need
And really, what we're doing right now
Is setting ourselves up for an unwanted seed
Once again I’m alone; I know you heard it before
But understand I’m not complaining
GOD has it all under control
SO I’m alone, but I’m patiently waiting

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adolla14 said...

hot as usual....i think i know to much about you....this sounds familiar....god bless and keep killing umm

Eb the Celeb said...

This was really nice... of course you can spotlight me... just let me know what you need me to do... and thanks for the offer

Delu said...

This is hot!!!!

ash said...

First and foremost thank you for the spot light..I REALLY appreciate it !! Seriously. Thank u to those who commented. I had an out of body experience with this poem, as a result of this spotlight. I've given it to a few people to read and they've been like "Ouch!!!" and I never really understood why until I read it on here...the piece is kind of raw......Also, its crazy how this piece was written in a particular time frame, as a result of a particular situation and mind set, but it has become timeless...that's sooooo crazy to me...this is great Ms. Divine!!!

Thank u again!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's my boy!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I knew you were extremely talented, but I had no idea about this side of you!!! I am so proud that you can put your true feelings in writing this way. Keep on doing you . . . Love Ya!

Tee Ned

Anonymous said...

Mr. Harper,

I love what you have done with your innerman and his outward expressions. The realities of relationships give and take or take and take makes it challenging to maintain sanity. You have captured this reality and expressed it with great wit.
"Sorry this has to end but for me it never began. Truly, I am looking for someone deeper my friend."

Keep keeping it Real!

Aramide said...

That was hot! And that's all I can say!

Anonymous said...

My oh my!!!

A poet after my own heart!!! This is so on point! I had no idea but this is what it is all about. Keep up the GREAT work Neph! Finger snaps and a standing ovation!!!

Tee Lene

Anonymous said...

omg!!! ash!!! lol i love it!!!! u go hunny!!!.

love ur lil/big cousin Renata!

Anonymous said...

yo thats past hot but blazen say man that was some friggen awesome poetry i would put down really big words to tell u how fantastic that poem waz but first i got 2 learn how to spell them. speeechless. keep up the powerful poems big godbro


SOlivia said...

Melancholy isn't the word I'd use to describe my feeling of the poem's entirety... I'd use some word that would express unbiased reality with a perfect balance of pessimism and content... that word...
I like...
a lot...

butter said...

Very Hot! "Comedy" sounds like its very entertaining also

ash said...

Thanks for the comments all, it means alot....Nola, thanks u a million times over