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I'll BUMP to that!

Over the summer people went into a frenzy when Michelle and Barack bumped fists just before he claimed victory as the Democratic presidential nominee.

It's a familiar gesture in the black community; and the meaning behind the hand move could be supportive (I've got your back!), celebratory (Awesome! That's whats up!), agreeable (I know that's right!), and more.

But for me, this power couple added new significance to the old-school expression...even looking at these pictures which so perfectly captured the moment, I can see the affection and love connecting these two - and in that fist bump I see values of not only love, but friendship, devotion and loyalty.

You might be thinking, Nola this was so 4 months ago, why are you talking about this now?

Because the fist bump will never be old!! And if you thought the gesture was retired, Michelle Obama just pulled a Justin Timberlake and brought it back!

I realized this when I attended the Chi Town Laugh Fest over the weekend. Comedians from all over Chicago came out to tell their best jokes and pay tribute to Chicagoan Bernie Mac. One of the comics (sorry i forgot his name) told a joke about his quest to find a "real woman".

"Man I had to leave those chickenheads alone...


I was tired of playing around with the ghetto chicks. I wanted a real woman! Like Michelle Obama!

(more laughter)

I'm serious! Y'all remember seeing when she gave Barack a pound?!?!

(the audience cheered - everybody was nodding their heads)

Man! That's what I'm talking about! That's a woman that's ride or die for you - And I know I've got me a good woman now! Yeah I finally got me a good one...and I know it because I was making love to my woman the other day, and I was giving it to her real good....when she turned around, gave me this look and then reeeal slow, she raised her hand... and gave me THE FIST POUND!!!"

Everybody erupted into laughter!! The image of a woman giving her man the fist bump in the middle of sex was quite funny. HA HAaa!

Okay maybe you had to be there to hear the joke.

But my point is, I've developed a new respect for the fist bump. And ever since the comedian brought it up, I've been bumping my fists to everything! It's such a *Feel Good gesture between two people and it can be about anything that means something to you!

I went to the movies this weekend, and the movie was so good that afterwards it totally deserved the bump! The sexy black shoes I just added to my Fall wardrobe? BUMP! My upcoming work evaluation and possible pay raise? Double Bump!! Lol.

So if you see me raising my hand, don't leave me hanging - Go ahead and meet me half way with the Michelle Obama bump!


Anonymous said...

I love the fist bump! I just bump you. keep it real NOLA Divine!

butter said...

Very cute post! Funny LOL.

Anonymous said...

Bump, Darlin', bump! You're fabulous, bright and beautiful!